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The private rooms

Antonin Carême

The largest private meeting room, seating 6 to 20 guests, was named after the "king of chefs and the chef of kings". Considered the inventor of haute cuisine, Carême was Talleyrand's personal chef. He was quoted as saying: "Good food and wine fill the gourmet's heart with joy" – a conviction shared by all at Hôtel Dillon.

Auguste Escoffier

The Hôtel Dillon's second private meeting room, seating 4 to 12 guests, was named after the most famous chef of his time, who influenced generations of cooks with his "Culinary Guide", a veritable Bible of French gastronomy.

Each of our three private dining rooms is connected to the Internet and adapted to the use of audio-visual equipment. Whatever the event, the Le Clarence team will be sure to provide tailor-made service for an unforgettable time.

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Seymour Weller

The first president of Domaine Clarence Dillon gave his name to the third and last room, with a full capacity of 8 guests. Seymour Weller, nephew of the Domaine's founder, managed the Domaine for 40 years, before his cousin, Joan Dillon, and mother of the current president, Prince Robert de Luxembourg, took over.

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