The Premises

The excellence of the French art of living, within a superb Parisian private mansion.  

The address

Le Clarence, nestled within an elegant 19th century private mansion, located at 31 Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt, opened in November 2015. It was entirely refurbished and decorated by the finest creative craftsmen, according to the instructions of H.R.H. Prince Robert of Luxemburg, who wished to reproduce in Paris the unique ambiance of Château Haut-Brion. Le Clarence is an elegant, warm, welcoming and refined restaurant that is the image of France’s finest terroirs, all of which is coordinated with great enthusiasm by a talented team. Christophe Pelé manages Le Clarence with style: a wonderful venture that the Michelin guide chose to honour in its 2017 publication, by awarding two stars to this splendid Parisian restaurant shortly after its opening. While the kitchen strives to enhance seasonal produce and reveal the very best of French gastronomy, service in the restaurant ensures it offers guests a moment outside of time, in a setting steeped in history.


“2015 marked the 80th anniversary of the founding of our family company, Domaine Clarence Dillon. We are following in the footsteps of the Pontac family, previous owners of Haut-Brion in the 16th century, and enjoy sharing our concept of wine culture with epicurean aficionados from around the world. In 1666, the Pontacs were perceived as pioneers by opening their tavern “Pontack’s Head” in what would go on to become the City of London. We continue this tradition by allowing visitors to have a great meal, taste our fine wines… and even buy an outstanding one to taste at home with family or friends, if they so choose, thanks to La Cave du Château boutique.”

HRH Prince Robert de Luxembourg,
Chairman and CEO, Domaine Clarence Dillon.

Pontac Dining room

Lestonnac Dining room

Talleyrand Dining room

The rooms of the restaurant

As a fervent advocate of the French art of living, H.R.H. Prince Robert of Luxemburg, the President of the family-owned company, took a hands-on approach to decorating the space. He searched at antique dealerships, second-hand shops, and flea markets to carefully select paintings, vases, and antique furniture that would evoke the refined, warm, and welcoming atmosphere of the finest Bordeaux estates. The result is an inviting and comfortable space that feels lived-in and authentic. At Le Clarence, we also find the authentic art of knowing how to receive guests well, with all the charm and special personal touch of a private home. Each dining room has its own character and invites guests to immerse themselves in its ambiance: from the bookcase with its delicate wood panelling in the Pontac room, to the hushed atmosphere in the Lestonnac room, or the celestial mood in the Talleyrand room, with its plunging view onto the kitchens.

  • Pontac Dining room

  • Lestonnac Dining room

  • Talleyrand Dining room

The bar and Main Reception Room

To precede or prolong the moment, the bar and Main Reception Room on the second floor, welcome guests for appointments, hushed conversations, or lively gatherings with friends. The elegant, welcoming atmosphere, with soft lighting, a backgammon set and thick carpeting, brings to mind the ambiance of English clubs. Exclusively reserved for customers of the restaurant, it is the perfect hideaway to enjoy a sparkling aperitif or a last drink, with a view of the Grand Palais’ glass roof, while watching the flames flicker in the fireplace.

The Tableware

The importance attached to the art of living at Le Clarence is inseparable from that attached to the art of the table and service. The tableware in particular, an essential element for enjoying the chef’s dishes, is the result of an exceptional know-how. Made by the Nymphenburg factory, the tableware is entirely handmade and customised by craftmen who are committed to perpetuating their know-how. This attention to detail completes the experience of a meal at Le Clarence and makes it unforgettable.