The restaurant

Brilliantly, he creates an instinctive, inspired and vibrantly modern style of cuisine. At Le Clarence, there is no settled menu, but rather a variety of dishes based on exceptional and seasonal products.

©Richard Haughton

Chef Christophe Pelé

Having worked in the kitchens of Ledoyen, the Bristol, Pierre Gagnaire and the Royal Monceau, the Chef caused quite a surprise in 2012 by closing his two-star Michelin restaurant, La Bigarrade, to embark on a period of reflection and exploration of other culinary cultures. Constantly on the lookout for a new artisan of taste, he likes nothing more than finding a new product that will come to fuel his inspiration, deepen his thoughts and supplement his technical knowledge.   

What best describes the Chef?  An insatiable curiosity, a profound respect for traditional basics, but also for producers, winegrowers, artisans, the expression of terroirs, cultures and seasons.  He has this precision, this attention to detail, this passion for his profession and a rare ability to share all of it with others.  Christophe Pelé has been awarded 2 stars by the Michelin Guide since 2017. For three consecutive years now, Le Clarence has been ranked on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, most notably recognised as the 28th best restaurant in the world in 2022.


Vibrantly modern cuisine

Christophe Pelé’s precise and instinctive cuisine asserts itself with modernity at Le Clarence: although traditional basics remain one of the Chef’s inspirations, he and his team create and put together every dish for each guest at Le Clarence, on the spot and even by intuition.  The cuisine here is vibrant and extraordinary.  Christophe Pelé brings this touch of innovation and spontaneity that makes Le Clarence’s cuisine inspired and deliciously appealing. 

The wines

In the cellar of Le Clarence restaurant, prestigious wines and those of extremely limited production stand happily side by side. While Domaine Clarence Dillon’s wines are prominently featured, the wine list also reveals all the abundance, history and diversity of the French winegrowing regions. The winegrowers and terroirs are highlighted on the wine list, just as much as artisans of taste and fresh produce are in the kitchen.

Our selection now features over 1,500 wine references from over 500 winegrowers across all regions of France. Our sommelier team continuously updates the wine list with new discoveries and encounters, ensuring a dynamic and diverse range of options for our guests.

A team filled with enthusiasm

Excellence and conviviality come together in the restaurant.  Service at Le Clarence, knowing and discreet, does its utmost to make a meal a pure moment of pleasure, relaxation and even discovery. In the kitchen, a cosmopolitan team is driven by the will of highlighting extraordinary products throughout the seasons with dishes suffused of multiple influences.

Le Clarence, The Cookbook

In chef Christophe Pelé’s first book, Chihiro Masui breathes in aromas, caresses ingredients and dissects textures to a point where the reader can actually taste what she is describing.


Christophe Pelé’s recipe book contains 70 inspiring recipes, including 20 unique dialogues and exchanges with the chef himself. Through the guidance of author Chihiro Masui, readers are taken on a culinary journey that traces the inspiration and creative process behind each dish, ultimately reaching the table where the flavors come to life. With the author’s sensitivity and breadth of references, the narration of the dishes becomes a captivating travelogue or a delightful and humorous exchange with the chef, making for a truly immersive culinary experience.