After a summer break, Christophe Pelé and his team have been back at work since the end of August. Eight years after opening Le Clarence, Christophe Pelé is still true to his instincts, creating a cuisine that dazzles with its brilliance, surprises and emotions.

Grouse marks the start of game season. Flambéed in whisky and served with caviar or soft-boiled egg yolks, it’s the star of the autumn season. Enhanced by the milky acidity of gwell and the iodized bitterness of matcha, line-caught bream from Brittany literally melts in the mouth. The magnificent mackerel, also from Brittany, simply seared, needs nothing more than a little ginger and chives.

Le Clarence’s plates are the stage where, like a magician, Christophe Pelé again and again sublimates the exceptional products that pass through his hands.

In recent months, changes have taken place in the dining room of the Michelin-starred restaurant with the arrival of Charles Weyland.

The wealth of his previous experience in prestigious establishments marks the beginning of his adventures. With a remarkable resume worthy of the high standards for which Le Clarence is known, Charles Weyland was appointed Restaurant Director last June.

From Michelin-starred restaurants to grand hotels, in Paris and Courchevel, Charles Weyland knows the art of working in a high gastronomic environment. Born in Nancy, Charles Weyland studied hotel management in his home region before moving to Paris for his first internship at Pierre Gagnaire’s restaurant, where he stayed for eight years. He then managed the dining room at KEI restaurant for four years before joining the Ritz Paris at the beginning of 2019. Passionate and loyal, Charles Weyland is now helping to write the history of Le Clarence, in total harmony with Christophe Pelé.

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